Who we are, and what we do



Welcome to Cats Protection, Stranraer & District Branch

Stranraer & District Branch was formed in April 1999 and covers the whole of the county of Wigtownshire. The area covered is very sparsely populated by humans, but is very densely populated by cats –  in towns as well as on the many farms.

  • Rehoming.  We assist in rehoming cats that can no longer be cared for by their owners. At the moment we have 2 volunteers who foster cats while they are waiting for a new home. We hope to have 2 new fosterers joining the team very soon. We are presently able to foster 5 cats at any one time in this area.
  • Homechecking.  All prospective adopters are subject to a home visit before adopting a cat. Often the fosterers themselves do this but, if they are unable to, then one of our other volunteers will pay you a call. We’re all a very friendly group and it’s to make sure the right cat goes to the right home. The fosterer, having got to know the cat’s personality well, is best placed to match owner and cat.
  • Neutering.  We are very active in running a neutering scheme in the Wigtownshire area. It is vital that cat colonies are controlled and we have worked tirelessly for years to do this. Large families of cats can lead to diseased and sick cats. If you cannot afford to neuter your cat or have not thought about it before, we are able to help.
  • Fundraising.  We also organise fundraising events from time to time. This is not only to raise the ever needed money to keep our Branch running, but also to help raise our profile in this area. They are generally very enjoyable days and we meet lots of great people in the process. Anyone interested in joining our team of fundraisers, please see the Volunteer page.Fundraising.

For further information and to obtain free neutering for your cat, please call: 0845 371 2759.

(If the telephone is unmanned please leave your name and phone number on the answerphone and someone will contact you as soon as possible).

In 2011 our District rehomed 56 cats and kittens. We neutered a remarkable 471 cats in the Wigtownshire area. Of these 345 were owned by members of the public, 49 were in our care and 77 ferals were caught and neutered. 2012 achieved similar figures. Numbers never convey all the hard work and hours that have been spent in achieving them. Without our dedicated volunteers who offer their time and commitment free of charge, these figures would not be achievable.



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