Gem has been found – \o/ :)



We’ve just heard from Gem’s family that she’s home safe and sound.

A happy ending for a gorgeous wee girl.

Many thanks to all who spread the word

This gorgeous girl is 2 years old, neutered and microchipped.  She went missing in Stranraer on Saturday 12th October and her family are desperate to have her home again,

If you have seen her around or have any information as to her whereabouts please contact us on 01671 830568 or


Have you seen Topsy?

Topsy McGowan

Topsy is a 6-year-old grey tabby with a white chin, white chest and white paws. She’s very small and has a black stripe all along her back.

She went missing from the King George Road area of Stranraer on Friday 27th September and her family are very anxious to have her home again.

If you may have seen Topsy, or know of her whereabouts, please contact us.

Stranraer & District Cats Protection

0845 371 2759



Roxy is brown/ginger with black strips and a ginger splash on her back.  She’s wearing a red collar  She went missing around Monday teatime from Coronation Drive in Stranraer and her owners are desperate to find her and bring her home.  A reward is being offered for her safe return.


Please check your sheds, greenhouses and gardens and help Roxy and her family to be reunited.

Please contact us on 01671 830568



Tootsie, where are you? Ahhhh.. there you are!



Good news!

Tootsie is back home with her family.  What a tinker cat – she had everyone worried!

Many thanks to everyone who spread the word around and brought about a happy ending.



This gorgeous wee girl has gone missing and her owners are desperately trying to find her and bring her home.


If you have had sight of her please contact us as soon as possible.  She is very friendly and loving and she needs her family.

If you can help, please contact us.

01671 830568

Tony, Lost in Stranraer


Tony was adopted so the owner doesn’t know his exact age, but he’s about 8-10 years old.  He’s grey, quite big, with a tiny white mark on his chest.

He went missing from Churchill Avenue in Stranraer on the night of Monday 29th July and his family are desperate to find him and have him home safe and sound.

If you’ve seen a cat like this around the area please contact us.


White Cat found in Newton Stewart

We don’t know his name, but we’ve called him ‘Albie’


Albie has been living in a cat lover’s garden for almost 5 months. He does not appear to have a home of his own as he still resides in the garden wanting to come indoors even in very wet weather and gets soaked to the skin. He was in the Queen Street area of Newton Stewart.

We think he is about 10 months old and is white with a medium length coat. He is not neutered.


If Albie could be your cat please contact us.

01671 830568 – 0845 371 2759



Unfortunately, Topsy has gone missing again.

She went missing around 4th July.

Topsy is a small 7-year-old with brown/grey stripes and a thick black stripe down her back.  She has white paws and is white under her chin.

Her owner doesn’t have a photograph but hopefully someone will scan it for us to post.

If you have seen a cat in the King George Road area of Stranraer who looks like this please contact us on 01671 830568 or email


Thank you.





Rory has been found safe and well and is back with his family.


Many thanks to all who spread the word .




Rory went missing in Stranraer on Wednesday morning.

He’s pure white with a mark under his right eye from his tear duct.  He’s also a big lad, but very timid and he’s more likely to run away and hide if approached by people he doesn’t know.  If you have seen him around please call 0845 371 2759 or 01671 830568 to help us reunite him with his family.






Captain has happily back home and reuinited with his family.


Huge thanks to all who spread the word!  🙂




Captain is a 3-year-old black and white male who went missing from his home in Wigtown in the first week of June.


He is black with white paws, chest and whiskers.

If you have seen a cat like this in your area please telephone 0845 371 2759 or email us at or contact us via our website at


Name Unknown

phill neill portpatrick


This beautiful young silver and black tabby cat went missing from the Portpatrick area near Stranraer. We believe it went missing just before the bad snowfall in March.. He is a year-old un-neutered male cat. His owners describe him as having particularly long legs.  If you have seen a cat like this turn up please get in touch.

Contact Details: 

0845 371 2759
or email


Freddie Somerville2300






10 days after she went missing, and 5/6 miles away from home, Freddie was found and is now reunited with her brother and owners.


Many, many heartfelt thanks to everyone who spread the word and boosted the signal!




Freddie went missing from the Auchendoon Road area of Newton Stewart on Friday 17th May 2013. She is an 11 month old tortie and white cat, quite small and is neutered.
Her owners are keen to find her and reunite her with her brother, who is crying for her. Have you seen a cat like this who looks lost? Please get in touch
0845 371 2759
or email: